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Transforming an InRiver field value using a table in Azure Table Storage

In InRiver some fields have raw values that need to be transformed because of a target system. It could be that all color codes should be consolidated to just 20 color groups.
But how to do that? And where to store all the transformation combinations?
In this blog post, I demonstrate how to implement an InRiver iPMC extension that transforms field values using a custom table in Azure Table Storage.

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Six tips for making a good outbound connector for InRiver iPMC

From working on InRiver PIM projects, I have implemented a few custom outbound connectors. They would export catalogs to EPiServer Commerce, Demandware (now Salesforce Commerce Cloud) as well as Azure Blob Storage.
In this post I give away six tips on implementing a good outbound connector for InRiver Product Marketing Cloud (iPMC).

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