About me

Welcome to my personal blog!

I am curious by nature and like to explore new technologies imagining how they can be used in different settings. My strength is to think up new ideas while relaxing, driving a car or taking a shower. I have been told that I get very passionate and energetic when explaining about ideas. On this blog I will share some of the learnings and experiences I get from trying out or work on interesting IT things.

My MSc in Business Administration and Information Technology from Copenhagen Business School has always been of a great help in my career. The combination of business and strategy concepts combined with a technical foundation seems to have been really valuable in my work positions. My area of expertise is back-end development and I am pretty good at it. I work with EPiServer CMS (in which I am certified), EPiServer Commerce and InRiver PIM (also certified in this), .Net, C# and SQL Server. However, I am quite versatile and can also find my way in Redis, Azure and front-end stacks (HTML, CSS, Javascript, VueJS etc.).

In general I just get inspired, continuously, to try out new languages, systems or frameworks.

I wish to use this blog to share knowledge and ideas with like-minded people, and I look forward to your feedback on my posts.

Feel free to contact me onĀ stefan@stefanolsen.com