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My key take-aways from Opticon 2023

This past week I spent 4 days with Optimizely at Opticon 2023 in San Diego, and got to hear a lot of inspiring announcements and ideas. Here are my personal favorites.

Correlate telemetry for scheduled jobs in Optimizely CMS

Earlier I showed how to integrate Hangfire jobs with Application Insights, to correlate all job logging. Now you can do the same with regular Scheduled Jobs with this small trick.

Telemetry correlation for Scheduled Jobs in Optimizely

I previously demonstrated how to correlate telemetry to Azure Application Insights within a Hangfire job. But how about those jobs that are built as regular Optimizely scheduled jobs? Read about a solution here.

Redis PubSub for Optimizely CMS 12 event messaging!

I made a new Redis PubSub event provider for Optimizely, for use with load-balanced servers that cannot use my .NET sockets event provider. Read about it, and get it, here.

Performance tip: Disable sticky sessions in Optimizely DXP

If you are working with Optimizely DXP sites, take a few minutes to consider whether you really need sticky sessions. Here is how to disable them and what happens after.