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Using GraphQL with Episerver Commerce

Since moving to Dubai, I have heard and read a lot about GraphQL as a new model for implementing API's for web and native apps. However, I have not yet seen it applied to Episerver CMS or Commerce. So, for this blog post, I created a small demonstration of a GraphQL API, based on Episerver's Quicksilver sample site. Read about the outcome here.

To rewrite Git history: add and edit files back in time

When I finished preparing the code for another blog post, I had to add a LICENSE and a README file to the Git repository of my code. Adding those files to the very first commit and adding a copyright notice to all C# source files, required rewriting of Git history. In this blog post, I share the scripts I used myself.

Transforming an InRiver field value using a table in Azure Table Storage

In InRiver some fields have raw values that need to be transformed because of a target system. It could be that all color codes should be consolidated to just 20 color groups. But how to do that? And where to store all the transformation combinations? In this blog post, I demonstrate how to implement an InRiver iPMC extension that transforms field values using a custom table in Azure Table Storage.