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This page lists all my blog posts chronologically (newest first).

Hosting Optimizely CMS 12 on Docker Engine

Since Optimizely CMS can now be deployed as a Docker container, here is a demonstration of building, running and scaling an Optimizely CMS 12 site on a Docker Engine swarm.

7 ways to deploy Optimizely CMS 12 (.NET 6)

With Optimizely CMS 12 now fully multi-platform, it can now be hosted in new ways. Here is a quick walkthrough of some of the hosting models.

Remember to flush Application Insights on shutdown!

Here is how to ensure that Azure Application Insights logs and performance are not lost on shutdown, all while also optimizing log collection.

Compressing Web API and Episerver API responses

If you return large responses from your custom Web APIs or from Episerver Content and Service APIs, you might want to remember about response compression. Read here about enabling it.

Burst-protecting pages with Cloudflare output caching

This is the story about how an Episerver site achieved extreme performance for some landing pages, by applying distributed output caching using Episerver DXC and Cloudflare.

Logging from OWIN to the default Episerver log

In my previous blog post I created two pieces of OWIN middleware. I also created a custom OWIN logger to forward all OWIN log entries to whichever log system Episerver is set to use. Read about the solution and check the code for yourself.

An OWIN middleware to support anonymous profiles and carts

Needing to support shopping carts for anonymous users, from both browsers and cookie-less native apps, I ended up with two new pieces of OWIN middleware. Very simple, efficient and supporting SameSite-aware cookies.